„Slowiss has been our partner since summer 2O14. They provide an outstanding customer service and fast reaction to our requests. Caregivers from Slowiss are always nice and dependable with good experience. We are convinced that we have picked the right personnel agency to make our side of work much easier.“

-Dominik Borner, head of the recruitment of Prime Human Resource, Switzerland, www.primecare.ch


,,We would like to thank you for the flawless cooperation. We have been very satisfied with your services and would recommend your personnel agency further. We are  pleased with your friendly communication and speed of the whole process. Your team of professional customer services has many times solved critical situation very fast.“

- Zdenka Ulicna, director of Betreuung s.r.o., Slovakia, www.gutes-herz.ch  


„With the Slowiss agency we have managed very succesful and long lasting cooperation. We highly recommend this agency also due to the fact of their positive approach and friendly customer service. Their reliability and the speed of the service have been important aspects for us during the whole time.“

- Erwin Schlipf, CEO , Germany, www.pflegevermittlung-baden-wuerttemberg-bayern.de 




"I have started to cooperate with Slowiss agency from July 2014 and I am very satisfied with their services and professional approach. Consultants are available 24 hours every day, no matter what the problem is, or if I only need to talk to someone, when I am homesick. Thanks to the Slowiss agency I had a chance to see one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Luzern. Also, while working there, I have met amazing people that otherwise I would not meet. My client was a pleasant old woman, I like her a lot and also her family. I would like to say "Merci" to Slowiss for their human approach and high level of professionallity, for their willingness to help in difficult moments."

Barbora Remperova, Caregiver



"My name is Ivona Sedajova and I work as a caregiver for already 5 years in Switzerland. I have also worked in Austria for a while as a caregiver. There has been also many nice and funny moments in my work, I could have written a bestseller with things I have experienced. I would like to say some words to the Slowiss agency and that is that the employees in the agency are very supportive and helpful. Whenever any problem has occurred they were there to sort it out. I will always recommend Slowiss agency to my friends."

Ivona Sedajova, Caregiver


"Thanks to the agency Slowiss I found work in Switzerland and I was very satisfied. It is a long time to work for three months, but Slowiss made it more pleasant for me, they gave me a contact for one nice woman and we have become great friends. We were helping each other and we had share some nice moments. Compare to the other agencies, Slowiss is always available and they do care not only about families and clients but also about us, the caregivers."

Dana Gronkova, Caregiver