In establishing the Slowiss s.r.o. at the beginning of 2013, the Marti‘s brothers had two main objectives: to decrease the scarcity of the caregivers in Switzerland and to reduce the high unemployment rate in Slovakia. So GETcare was launched.

The cornerstone for the recruitment of caregivers working on self-employment contracts was in Switzerland. This concept fell on fertile ground and gained popularity with the Swiss clients who needed 24hour care. 

Our team soon expanded and our working space became too small. Therefore, Slowiss began the refurbishment of the old office space at the beginning of 2014. The company moved into its new offices that summer.

The number of caregivers required increased considerably and Slowiss s.r.o. and  GETcare were unable to meet the high demand. Cooperation with other agencies across the whole of Europe started and new opportunities for 24hour caregiving were created. After the sale of GETcare, Slowiss s.r.o. focused all its attention on health care sector. Soon it became a market leader in health care provision in Eastern Europe. A new company, SlowissCare, was established. 

Gradually, there was increasing demand for highly skilled professionals in other working sectors. Slowiss s.r.o. then launched SlowissPro, a company that recruits personnel in logistics, gastronomy, hotels, construction and other industries.

History milestones

JUN 2013      Establishment of the Slowiss s.r.o.
NOV 2013   150 employees working in the health care sector
JUN 2014   Launch of the SlowissCare product
AUG 2014   Sale of GETcare
SEP 2014   Moving into the new office space
OCT 2014   Launch of SlowissPro
DEC 2014   Recent statistics: over 600 companies + private clients
JUN 2015   Cooperation with UK and Dutch companies